LTT activities, Netherlands

The topic in the Netherlands is Cooperation

AdELe in NetherlandsAdELe’s first study visit brought all partners into early spring of Netherlands, Hague.  March was not hospitable, but our host, vocational school ROC Mondrian, was well prepared and all guests felt great hospitality during the trip. All partners from Italy, Greece, Croatia and Estonia introduced different cooperation possibilities in adult education. ROC Mondrian had done an interesting and various agenda for the visiting days. During the trip, all teachers who participated got a versatile overview of how a school could do collaborate with different partners.

We got a lot of different experiences. For example, half of Hague’s population is Dutch and the language learning has a high priority. People need it to enter the labour market or communicate on a private level. ROC Mondrian does not do language courses only in schools but in different places. It helps to reach the right target groups. It is very common to do courses in health centres or in libraries. The process includes many volunteers who are interested in teaching.

A lot of attention is paid for employing people with special needs. The specialized work centres offer affordable work for everyone like bookbinding, furniture restoration or making candles and park benches.

One of the most impressive experience was visiting one bicycles’ shop, where were classrooms for regular lessons or repairing old bicycles. This social enterprise is dealing with boys who have dropped out of schools. Because of the popularity of cycling in the Netherlands, they do not have to worry about unemployment- there are repair shops everywhere!

The program offered many activities, which helped us to achieve the project objectives. On the last day, all the partners had an option for evaluation and collection of ideas for the next meetings. The AdEle’s team will meet soon again, forthcoming study visit will bring all partners to Italy and the topic to be discussed here is the preparation of curriculums in adult education.