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the Hague – some days to remember

It’s always good to listen, to talk and to feel but the best is to see. Here are two VIDEOS made during the fantastic days the AdELE people spent in the Hague.

The Best Moments in the Hague

But good things usually always end and give some space for the next good things to happen. The best moments of the LAST DAY in the Hague was also captured by our hosts from ROC Mondriaan.

The Last Day in the Hague


The AdELe team in ROC Mondriaan

THE NETHERLANDS: Branka Tomic, Mariska Sondervan, Rogier Nebbeling,  Alexandra Driessen

ESTONIA: Ingrit Kera, Aile Nõupuu, Kaire Reiljan and Eneli  Uibo

ITALY: Laura Brazzabeni,  Irene Calzoni, Alessandra Lovatti Bernini, Alessandro Vernizzi

CROATIA: Ms. Antonela Marjanusic, Maja Medica, Manja Slavicek Kamenar, Judith Jennert

GREECE:  Vasiliki Lazarakopoulou,  Anna Theofani,  Anna Yfantidou, Athanasia Tryfonopoulou