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AdELe is on the halfway – coordinating meeting in The Hague

During September 23 – September 27 2019 the coordinating group of AdELE (Erasmus+ “Adult Education – it’s Never too Late to Learn”) met in The Netherlands The Hague. The meeting was hosted by one of the partners – ROC Mondriaan.

During this meeting of the coordinating group, the following activities took place:

  1. Evaluation of the project August 2018 till September 2019
  2. Workshop about activating learning by Lineke Klomp (trainer Dutch as a second language)
  3. Workshop about 21st century skills and new professions by Sebastiaan Bliemert (project leader House of Innovation)

The coordinating group has the opinion that the project is going on according to the expectations. After the first meeting of the coordinating group in Haapsalu, Estonia (30/10/18 – 3/11/18) the project objectives were made clear and the preparation for the meetings in The Netherlands and Italy could start. Both visits in The Netherlands and Italy were well assessed. The participants were given a good impression of the subjects that were discussed. All the partners were asked to update the information of the webpage as well as Facebook.

In the workshop we looked if it could be interesting to use ‘activating working forms’ in the project. We first experienced some of those exercises ourselves around the topics ‘introduction’ and ‘team-building’. It was good to see how the whole group participated. 

After that, the group had some information about ‘activating working forms’ and explored their own ideas with this concept by making a ‘place-mat’ in small groups. When back together all groups named three words or short sentences (see picture).  After this some information came about what ‘activating working forms’ specifically can mean in this international project. Special attention is needed for language and the kind of exercises.  Finally the time spent together was being evaluated through a last evaluation, by every participant saying one word that summarized for them the meeting. All in all it seemed a good experience.

In the House of Innovation we experienced a lot of initiatives to motivate students of different levels. Secondary schools get the opportunity to send their students to this House of Innovation to join experiments and meet students as well as teachers from the vocational school. Furthermore, students from the University of Applied Science do their assessments here together with students from vocational level. The House of Innovation is an initiative of five Mondriaan schools. School of engineering, building & construction, it, automotive and electronics.

The group agreed on several improvements and future activities and shared the tasks for the upcoming weeks before the next meeting in Croatia. The colleagues of Croatia will send all partners the necessary information for the visit in November. The next visits are planned as following:

  • Croatia, Rijeka,  November 3rd till November 9th 2019 , theme marketing strategies
  • Greece, Patras, March 29th till April 4th 2020 , upgrading education for migrants and  unemployed
  • Estonia, Haapsalu, Mai 10th till May 16th 2020 , effective use of IT for teachers