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The final Meeting – Is AdELe really over?

AdELe_Final_13Erasmus+ “Adult Education – It’s Never too Late to Learn”, our AdELe, as we call it, has finally come to an end. Three years, full of events, work, fun and joy have brought us to a quite different ending than we were thinking, once, we were planning the project. We are really happy and proud that the circumstances, that ruined the travelling part of the last meetings, didn’t pull us down and we took the bull by the horns and kept going with online meetings.

The Final Meeting is always a time when you look back what has been done, evaluate your work and see if the results met the ones that were planned and written into the application. As we have been doing that through all the length of our project, we didn’t have bad surprises and to say it very shortly – we considered our project to be a success and a period of our lives, where we had an opportunity to learn from each other, think out of the box and develop as persons and as organizations.

AdELe Final Meeting_PROGRAM

Every country gave their feedback from all of their participants and the presentations pointed out the brightest moments and the most important learning points during the whole project. That was even a bit of an emotional moment because we had spent so much efficient time together, participated in so many workshops, met lots of representatives of different companies, worked in international groups with the best specialists of 5 European countries and much more. We had faced the changed world, which made us to rearrange the last activities. We had shared our experiences on distance learning, which has quickly become the reality of every school and we all had a lot to share.

As the last meetings were held online, we also discussed the pros and cons of online meetings and gathered the answers into a Padlet. We consider that Padlet as another tool for our AdELe Toolbox, the one that we could never predict to create and from which the people who have to arrange online events (teaching included), can get some ideas of us, who have the real experiences.

Made with Padlet

AdELe project covered very important topics that the Adult Educator will face, the basic main topics – how to co-operate, how to create an interesting curriculum, how to sell and market your courses, reach the most vulnerable groups among adult students and how to use technology and carry out the distance learning. During the meetings we got the feeling that these topics are worth to dive more into and that’s why we set the goal to do it in the sequel of AdELe, the next project about Adult Education, which is a topic, that is developing, increasing and offering a lot to learn about. To be more sure about the exact topic, we had a brainstorm about the themes that could interest us all.

Made with Padlet

As we started our cooperation with painting a mural together to test the possibility of our future partnership, we ended our project with almost the same. All through the project we have been trying to think out of the box and find creative solutions to all upcoming problems – so we painted it online and did the last practical workshop of digital online teaching  – “How to introduce a practical online environment for adult students?”. And this time we were the adult students who created a final arty online goodbye to our project and to each other.


Let’s hope that AdELe is not over yet and we can go on with this during the next Erasmus project.

Thank you all who participated and made this journey so brilliant and right.