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The final Meeting – Is AdELe really over?

AdELe_Final_13Erasmus+ “Adult Education – It’s Never too Late to Learn”, our AdELe, as we call it, has finally come to an end. Three years, full of events, work, fun and joy have brought us to a quite different ending than we were thinking, once, we were planning the project. We are really happy and proud that the circumstances, that ruined the travelling part of the last meetings, didn’t pull us down and we took the bull by the horns and kept going with online meetings. Continue reading “The final Meeting – Is AdELe really over?”

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Is Marketing really a Queen?

Erasmus+ AdELe. Adult Education - it's Never too Late to LearnThe meeting in Croatia is about Marketing and Sales of Adult Education courses. The most important thing is to reach your possible learners and together with the partners, AdELe is going to find it out.

The first day of AdELe meetings has always been a day to get to know how the same tasks have been put into practice in partner schools. For getting the best results out of that, we have set the questions as landmarks to lean on, and compare the routine how the things have been done in different countries. This time we didn’t perform the real presentations but the Croatians had carried it out as a discussion panel which actually gave the event a different and fresh angle.

Erasmus+ AdELe. Adult Education - it's Never too Late to LearnThe second day the Croatian well-known marketing trainer Siniša Necko gave us a speech about different marketing tricks. To put it all into practice, we had a look at the we-sites of every school and got a lot of feedback what could be changed and developed to help the students to find the relevant information and to come back again.

The third working day faced us with a question asked by Siniša Necko – Is Marketing really a Queen and the Created Content the King? To find that out we had to form International groups and start working. The Workshop involved lots of practical tasks connected with online marketing. We mapped the Key Words of Adult Education Courses in Google Ads and used them in the Headings of our Articles directed to our Clients. We also created some Facebook posts and put everything we had Erasmus+ AdELe. Adult Education - it's Never too Late to Learnlearned into practice. Women were ruling! The great co-operation of the team of Estonian, Dutch and Italian women got ready a great online campaign for Dante Language School’s English Courses. With all that knowledge we had gained, it seemed fun, creative, and easily followed at home.

Besides the days full of workshops and marketing terms, the Croatian school had organized us some interesting trips to show what their country looks like. One of the best features with Erasmus+ projects ist o get the real contact with locals, go to the places where they go and get to know so much about their culture. We visited a small tourism town Rovinj and admired the nice coastline, Yacht Club and the friendly atmosphere. The other excursion that was arranged for us was of course in Rijeka, where The Language School Dante is located. The enthusiastic guide Livio showed us around and told us stories about beautiful women, the times of glory of the Austrian Hungarian historical period and even about the Roman times. Wow, the culture and history of Croatia are full of stories, bright colours and different levels of past.