Training Activity 1 – 10 – 16 March  2019 – NETHERLANDS – Cooperation with different parties (local organizations, municipalities, enterprises, companies, unemployment agencies etc.)

Training Activity 2 – May 2019 ITALY – In-service training as a service (how to build up adult education course, curriculums, methodologies, how to aim the right target group)

Training Activity 3 – October 2019 – CROATIA -. Marketing and sales of adult education courses – how to reach the possible learners (Increasing demand and take-up through effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies which encourage low-skilled or low-qualified adults, to develop and upgrade)

Training Activity 4 April 2020 GREECE (happened in March 2021, online event)  – Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults (language learning, integrating migrants to the community and the local labour market, development of migrant education for instance language and citizenship).

Training Activity 5 May 2020 ESTONIA (happened in November 2020, online event) – Extending and developing educators’ competences through the effective use of ICT. Increasing the IT competences of the learners and the effective use of ICT when running the courses ( how to do it).