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Erasmus+ K204 “Adult Education – it’s Never too Late to Learn” 2018 – 2020

Aim: to improve the quality and accessibility of Adult Education through increasing the skills of the people who are responsible for putting it into practice – adult educators, Adult Education specialists, key-persons in local Adult Education field.

Necessity: The project is called into life by Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre, who is the local coordinator and main provider of Adult Education in the area. Due to the statistics, about 15% of the population of Estonia take part in Life Long Learning. There are still a lot of people especially in the age group 50+ and the low-skilled or low-qualified adults who are living in countryside who are difficult to reach. The project concentrates on the topics which are relevant in every country and international experiences extend and develop educators’ competences and improves the quality and accessibility of Adult Education in every participating country.

To get the best results every country involves different parties who are responsible for Adult Learning, like entrepreneurs, local associations, unemployment agencies and other informal education providers who work together with VET and Adult Education institutions .

Main activities:
3 Transnational project meetings for the project managers and Adult education specialists from every participating organization to discuss the activities,share responsibilities, evaluate the project, share feedback from the participants and work with the Toolbox. Finally discuss the impact, make conclusions and discuss the further dissemination and cooperation.

5 Learning/Teaching/Training activities, 4 participants (teachers, trainers, adult education specialists) from each country –. Every host country organizes one Activity with teaching program for 5 days. Every Training Activity is focused on a certain topic due to the strengths and experiences of the organizations:

Training Activity 1 – March/April 2019 – NETHERLANDSCooperation with different parties (local organizations, municipalities, enterprises, companies, unemployment agencies etc.)

Training Activity 2 – May 2019 ITALYIn-service training as a service (how to build up adult education course, curriculums, methodologies, how to aim the right target group)

Training Activity 3 – October 2019 – CROATIA -. Marketing and sales of adult education courses – how to reach the possible learners (Increasing demand and take-up through effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies which encourage low-skilled or low-qualified adults, to develop and upgrade)

Training Activity 4 – April 2020 GREECE – Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults (language learning, integrating migrants to the community and the local labour market, development of migrant education for instance language and citizenship).

Training Activity 5 May 2020 ESTONIA – Extending and developing educators’ competences through the effective use of ICT. Increasing the IT competences of the learners and the effective use of ICT when running the courses ( how to do it).

During every Training Activity:
– the host country gives an overview of the Adult Learning possibilities at their school and generally in their country.
– Visits to the local organizations and enterprises who provide Adult Education
– Practical workshop for the participants to share the best practices of running the informal and leisure courses. The result is to collect the best practices how to improve the quality and accessibility of Adult Education.
– Working on the Toolbox for the Adult Educators

Results (expected impact) Toolbox for the Adult Educators

On the project web page, we collect:
– The success stories of effective Adult Learning
– The best ideas from every meeting
– The best practices carried out during the Workshops
– The Photo Bank for educators
– The Best ICT tools and free online environments for educators

Dissemination of project results: we share the results of the Project and our experiences during the mobilities on the Project Web Page, on the web pages of the participating schools, local associations and in EPALE environment.

Article in EPALE (in English)

Article in EPALE (in Estonian)

The summary of AdELe in every language (klick on the flag):

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